Sacred Crystal

Sun 11:15am-12:35pm

Spirit of Yoga Tempe

Balance mind, body & soul as you are guided through gentle movement, mantra, meditation, breathwork and cosmic vibration. We seal our practice by basking in the resonant frequencies of seven chakra tuned crystal quartz singing bowls to restore, relax, and rejuvenate. it's a beautiful way to find your sacred inner space in our constantly changing and busy world.

Yoga Nidra

Sun 1pm-2pm

Spirit of Yoga Tempe


The Yoga Sutras speak of multiple states of mind – one of which is Nidra, the quality of active dreaming. Yoga Nidra is a practice of guided meditation that creates deep physical relaxation, assists in the releasing of deep seated habits, and can expand an existing spiritual practice. Yoga Nidra is excellent for those seeking to develop a meditation practice or looking for healing of physical and emotional injuries.

Sound Healing


Spirit of Yoga Tempe

Harness the energy of the New & Full Moons and allow it to guide your practice on and off the mat as to live in harmony with the natural rhythms of our astrological weather. Join us as we utilize Mantra, Movement, Meditation & Cosmic Vibration to balance Mind, Body & Soul. Forgiveness & Gratitude Ceremony... Set your intentions and Manifest your Desires. Special sound healing guest every month.

This class is always on the Sunday closest to the new or full moon.

Chakra Balancing


Spirit of Yoga Tempe


The Sanskrit word Chakra translates to wheel or disk. In many practices this term refers to the 7 wheels of energy along the body, starting from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Join us as we utilize Breath, Movement, Mantra & Meditation to balance the energy centers of the body. We will seal our practice with the powerful vibrations of Crystal Quartz singing bowls.